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  • Atlas Cedar/ Cederwood Organic Cedrus atlantica - 10ml (3081)


    Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil smells warm, woody and sweet. The aroma can combat negative energy, it eases stress and tension, gives courage and help to calm emotions.


    Dilute this essential into a carrier oil may help soothe a flaky scalp.


    It may used as a general tonic, circulatory support, may claim coughing. Also, if apply after dilute cedarwood essential oil may relieve congestion and sore muscles, or may reduce cellulite.

    Atlas Cedar/ Cedarwood Organic Essential Oil -10ml

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      • Botanical name: Cedrus atlantica
      • Plant family: Pinaceae
      • Also known as: African Cedar
      • Production: Distilled
      • Cultivation: Wild, controlled organic
      • Country of origin: Morocco
      • Part of plant: Wood
      • Special precautions: Do not use during pregnancy.
      • Major compounds: beta-, alpha- & gamma-Himachalene, trans-alpha-Atlantone, delta-Cadinene
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