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  • Benzoin Absolute Styrax tonkinensis - 5ml (1160)


    Benzoin has a warm, vanilla-like aroma, which provides an emotionally comforting quality.



    It is sometimes used in a massage blend for soothing aching muscles, but may have sensitizing properties. It has an anti-inflammatory effect when applied to the skin.



    It may provide respiratory and digestive support and may be best used in a diffuser. It blends particularly well with Rose.



    This absolute is extracted using ethanol. No ethanol is added to the product but small amounts are present as a result of the extraction process.


    Benzoin Absolute - 5ml

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      • Botanical name: Styrax tonkinensis
      • Plant family: Styracaceae
      • Production: Extracted
      • Cultivation: Absolute
      • Country of origin: Thailand
      • Part of plant: Resin
      • Main compounds: Benzyl benzoate, Benzoic acid, Cinnamic acid, Ethanol, Vanilline
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