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  • Cistus Hydrolate OrganicCistus ladaniferus - 200ml (5270)


    Cistus hydrolate can have a balancing effect on irritated skin as a toner. This makes the water an ideal helper after shaving or removing make-up. In addition, the plant water is often used to deal with traumatic experiences, overcome emotional issue and restore inner balance.



    This hydrolate is pure and simple product from steam distillation. They do not contain alcohol or preservative.

    Cistus Hydrolate Organic - 200ml

    SKU: 5270
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      • Botanical name: Cistus ladaniferus
      • Plant family: Cistaceae
      • Also known as: Labdanum
      • Cultivation: Certified organic from wild growing plants
      • Country of origin: Portugal
      • Part of plant: Leaves/Stems
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