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  • Clove Bud Eugenia caryophyllata - 10ml (2245)


    Clove bud essential oil is known as its powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It smells spicy, warming yet slightly bitter aroma.



    When well dilute with carrier oil it may support digestion system. 



    For emotional, clove bud essential oil is warming, stimulating and energising. Also in winter, diffuse this oil may support respiratory system and immunity.


    If doing aromatherapy massage (blended with the concentration less than 2%), since the oils from the stem and the leaf are skin irritants only can use for diffuse.

    Clove Bud Essential Oil - 5ml

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      • Botanical name: Eugenia caryophyllata
      • Plant family: Myrtaceae
      • Production: Distilled
      • Cultivation: Conventional cultivation 
      • Country of origin: Madagascar
      • Part of plant: Blossoms
      • Special precautions: Avoid during pregnancy. Do not use on children under 12 years. May cause skin irritation and do not use in baths.
      • Major compounds: Eugenol, Eugenyl acetate, beta-Caryophyllene, alpha-Humulene
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