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  • Niaouli Linalol Melaleuca quinquenervia lin. - 10ml (2290)


    Niaouli Essential Oil is earthy and musty aroma.

    It may used to treat immunostimulants, antiseptics, and expectorants may help treat respiratory and lung infections.



    When inhaled, it treats sinusitis and rhinitis. It has similar functions to eucalyptus essentail oil and may treat colds, neuralgia, rheumatism and coughs. A wound healer, it may protects and restores the skin.

    Niaouli Linalol Essential Oil - 10ml

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      • Botanical name: Melaleuca quinquenervia lin.
      • Plant family: Myrtaceae
      • Production: Distilled
      • Cultivation: Wild-crafted
      • Country of origin: Australia
      • Part of plant: Leaves
      • Special precautions: Non toxic, non irritant, possibly sensitising in some individuals.
      • Major compounds: Linalool, trans-Nerolidol, beta-Caryophyllene
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