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  • Frangipani Absolute (80% in organic alcohol) Plumeria alba - 1ml (1479)


    In Ayurveda, it symbolizes purification. Its fragrance may clean the body and soul.


    It can also be used in gastritis, it may help with digestion, soothing inflammation and disinfecting.

    It also has a refreshing effect on mature skin, an excellent anti-wrinkle.



    The peach-floral scent of frangipani complements well with other floral or citrus scents. It is a common ingredient made by fragrance, or attempts to mix in a massage oil, cosmetics, or use in diffuser to refresh indoor air.



    Avoid to use for small children and pargnet woman. Always diluted, only for external use.

    Frangipani Absolute (80% in organic alcohol) - 1ml

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      • Botanical name: Plumeria alba
      • Plant family: Apocynaceae
      • Production: Extracted
      • Cultivation: Absolute
      • Country of origin: India
      • Part of plant: Blossoms
      • Major compounds: Benzyl salicylate, Benzyl benzoate, Geranyl benzoate, trans-Nerolidol
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