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  • Highland Rosemary Organic Rosmarinus officinalis - 10ml (2600)


    This highland rosemary essential oil smells fresh, herbaceous and sweet aroma. When massage using diluted rosemary essentail oil it may treat arthritis, muscle cramping, aching muscles and helps improve poor circulation.


    When diffuse rosemary essentail oil, it helps with memory retention and staying focused.

    Highland Rosemary Organic Essential Oil - 10ml

    SKU: 2600
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      • Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis
      • Plant family: Lamiaceae
      • Production: Distilled
      • Cultivation: Wild, controlled organic
      • Country of origin: Spain
      • Part of plant: Branches/ leaves
      • Special precautions: Avoid during pregnancy. Not to be used by people with epilepsy or with high blood pressure.
      • Major compounds: 1,8-Cineol, alpha- & beta-Pinene, Camphene, Borneol, Borneone
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