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  • Sweet Marjoram Organic Origanum majorana - 10ml (2030)


    Sweet marjoram essential oil is a mild oil with a sweet herbal aroma. It has a strong relaxing effect, so it may has an excellent support for the musculoskeletal system and insomnia. Its warming effect may helps relieve pain in muscles, joints and abdominal. 



    Emotionally sweet marjoram is emotionally calming, relaxing, balancing and strengthening.

    Sweet Marjoram Organic Essential Oil - 5ml

    SKU: 2030
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      • Botanical name: Origanum majorana
      • Plant family: Lamiaceae
      • Production: Distilled
      • Cultivation: Certified organic
      • Country of origin: Egypt
      • Part of plant: Plant
      • Special precautions: Best to avoid during pregnancy.
      • Major compounds: Terpinene-4-ol, trans-Sabinene hydrate, gamma-Terpinene, alpha-Terpinene, Sabinene
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