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  • Vitex Berry Vitex agnus castus - 1ml (2982)


    Vitex is steam distilled from the leaf and berry of the chaste tree. This is the oil for women, vitex berry essential oil contains a high content of progesterone-like components which may help to maintain healthy feminine hormonal functions and stabilize emotions during stressful times when room diffuse.

    Vitex Berry Essential Oil - 1ml

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      • Botanical name: Vitex agnus castus
      • Plant family: Lamiaceae
      • Also known as: Chaste Tree
      • Production: Distilled
      • Cultivation: Wild growth
      • Country of origin: Turkey
      • Part of plant: Berries
      • Special precautions: Non toxic, non irritant. Hormonal oil for use by women only. May affect birth control pills and avoid to use when pregnant. Seek advice from health professional when needed.
      • Major compounds: 1,8-Cineol, alpha-Pinene, Sabinene, trans-Caryophyllene
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